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Because each client is unique, Transport Couture's mission is to give our customers a personalized service, which combines effectiveness and professionalism.

Transport Couture is the continuation of your product. That is why we respect your commitments with quality service, a reliable and well maintained fleet and a professional and conscientious employees.

Transport Couture... On the road to your commitments!!!


At Tranport Couture respecting the environment is really important.

By maintaining a fleet of recent trucks, we can easily follow the technological breakthroughs related to environment. Our long-haul trucks are also equipped with technology that allows precise monitoring of diesel consumption and the idle speed made by each of them.

Technological specifications of our equipment has also allowed us to join the SmartWay program (ID 12106377).


Transport Couture, a leader in transport innovation and always on the lookout for new services to offer to its customers, is a partner of EXPRES / FAST since July 2004.

As part of EXPRES / FAST, approved goods can travel even faster to the border and the verification of documents is done away from the border.

This business process is available to approved importers and carriers and also to registered drivers. Shipments for approved companies, which are handled by approved carriers using registered drivers, will be cleared into either country with greater speed and certitude, which allows to reduce the costs ok compliance.

AIn Canada, EXPRES builds on the Customs Self Assessment Programexternal link and its principles of pre-approval and self. It also relies on the increased security of the Canadian program: Partners in Protection.external link.

In United States, FAST harmonizes the requirements of Partners in Protection to those of the U.S. Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorismexternal link. As part of these programs, companies must adopt and implement security measures that meet the guidelines established by both customs agencies.

Please contact us if you want to know more about these programs and our accreditation.

Date of approval :

  • EXPRES/FAST : approved on July 2004
  • C-TPAT : approved on July 2004, revalidated in 2006, 2009 and 2013 Certificat
  • PEP : approved on July 2004, revalidated in 2012
  • PAD : approved on December 2006
  • PAPS : approved on August 2002
  • PARS : approved on 2002



Since summer 2004, as an international carrier, Transport Couture is taking part in the Security C-TPAT and the PIP Canadian and U.S. Customs program. Border security is increasing.

The C-TPAT and PIP program are initiatives of both business and government to strengthen border security. The program relies on all partners in the supply chain (importers, carriers, warehouse operators and manufacturers and driver) in order to ensure the integrity of their security measures. The program is also open to all importers and carriers. 

Participants in these programs may be eligible for accelerated treatment at the border and to a reduction of number of inspections. Shipments approved under these programs are circulating in trade lanes reserved (when infrastructures allow it) using transponder technology or bar codes.

You want to validate our certification or any other C-TPAT? 
Visit the link and enter your SVI number : d5f1dcc6-fee7-474e-88b9-ba76b5df2640 

  • FAST : Free And Secure Trade
  • EXPRES: Fast And Safe Delivery
  • C-TPATexternal link : Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • PIP: Partners in Protection
  • PAD: Customs Self Assessment Program



Already registered? Click here :  Extranet

The Extranet allows customers already registered to :

  • know exactlly the date and time of each pickup and each delivery;
  • track the shipments with the satellite positioning;
  • receive an email for each pickup or each completed delivery;
  • monitor the progress of customs treatment;
  • track intermodal transport;
  • print waybills;
  • get the success statistics of our transports;
  • get your statement and your bills online;
  • access to the proof of delivery and other scanned transport documents.

If you want to have an access code and a password for your registration on our website, please contact our department at :


From your first contact with Transport Couture, you will love the quality of service provided by our employees. They will respond in a professional manner, while remaining attentive to your needs at the time of the order until the arrival of your goods, while ensuring the tracking of your order along the way.

We also know that for your goods be carried out to your destination, it is essential to have a team of qualified drivers. This is why all drivers go through a strict selection process. When hiring, the new driver receives a complete and personalized training before hitting the road. Thereafter, all drivers have the previlege to have a continuous training, so that they are always aware of the latest developments and keep up to date the different regulations governing road transport.